Armchair Adventurer: Cool Places

The world is full of amazing places and you don’t need to leave home to experience them! This post series highlights immersive online adventures around planet earth (and outer space). Allowing viewers to explore the world from the comfort of their favorite armchair.

Today we visit some of the world’s ‘coolest places’ and I don’t just mean we’re visiting great destinations. Some of these locations can get quite chilly. So bundle up and don’t forget to turn up your volume!

Ready? Let’s go exploring!

7 Cool Places to Virtual Tour:

The Aniva Lighthouse, Russia

At the easternmost shores of the Russian Federation, you’ll find the Aniva lighthouse. Built in 1939 on a small rock called Sivuchya, this navigation structure stands prominent marking the La Pérouse Strait. Fierce currents, chilly winds, pea-soup fog, and perilous sunken rocks make this area very challenging to navigate adding to its mystery. Building it was also one of Russia’s most complex technical constructions and in the 1990s, the Aniva Lighthouse started functioning with no human assistance. This lighthouse is both fascinating and inaccessible to most travelers. The perfect location to start our Armchair Adventures.

Mount Everest, Nepal

Avoid the brutal Himalayan altitude and tour Mount Everest in 360º photo. You can now virtually explore the land of snow, rocks, and ice from the comfort of your own couch. Click your way through this dangerous mountain pass from base camp to sky. As of today, only 4,000 people have reached the summit of Mount Everest – and you could be one of them! Nepal is lucky to have so many extraordinary landmarks. If you’re not too tired from your Everest climb, click around and explore other nearby peaks with a birds-eye view, or hop over onto Mount Everest Part 2.

Hang Sơn Đoòng Cave, Vietnam

Explore the world’s biggest cave in a 360º immersive experience! Hike the trail deep into the colossal cave as you would in person. Zoom into the ceiling (with over 500 megapixels), inspect the stalactites, and watch out for that river crossing. Navigation is by following the path’s arrows or selecting a spot from over 20 locations on the map. Plus, you are able to read insightful stories about where you are standing and even hear the water dripping from the ceiling! Although this place is in Vietnam, limited light and heat travel into the heart of the cave. Making it eerily cool.

Loften Links Aurora, Norway

Seeing the aurora borealis is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for many – but it doesn’t have to be. You can now be wrapped up in a comfy blanket at home (instead of a snowy parka) and watch them dancing across the sky in Norway. Loften Links is one of the best places in the world to experience the Northern Lights, and their live aurora cam is continually streaming via Youtube allowing for a real-time experience. Just like the in-person adventure, you will need to plan on watching when there is a clear night sky and a high chance of aurora. The skies can be unpredictable so you’ll need to visit the live feed often to improve your chances. But that’s all part of the experience!

Icebergs of Green Land

Hop in AirPano’s helicopter and let’s go! Greenland is an incredible country full of untouched snow, unfathomable icebergs, and stunningly clear turquoise waters. In this 4K aerial video you can be the pilot. Scroll around, see what you’re flying over, and get an immersive flight-seeing experience in Greenland. Known as the ‘capital of icebergs’ you’ll be enchanted by nature’s work of art.

The Red Square (Kremlin), Russia

This 360º virtual reality tour explores wintery Moscow. Drop into the central Red Square, a famous city plaza separating the Kremlin and the official residence of the President of Russia. You may have seen this in a few movies! Walk your way through the rich history, nearby cathedrals and and main marketplace. With 25 different destinations available on this virtual Moscow tour, make sure you don’t get lost!

South Georgia Island, Antartica

Penguins! Seeing these famous king penguins in Antarctica is a bucket list experience. Unfortunately, the largest of the species, the ‘Kings,’ are located on the outskirts of Antarctica, making them exceptionally hard to reach. The South Georgia archipelago (Isla Georgias del Sur) lies in the South Atlantic Ocean, between Argentina and Antarctica. To see these penguins you must spend 3 days crossing the ominous Drake Passage which separates the Antarctic Peninsula (the northernmost part of the coldest continent). Or, you can take this incredible virtual 360º tour without the ocean crossing!

Stay tuned for more Armchair Adventurer!

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