COVID-19 Dive Travel Resources

Covid-19 Dive Travel Information

If you’re anything like me, you’re waiting impatiently for borders to open so you can enjoy some tropical diving and adventures abroad. When the borders open, travel just isn’t going to be the same. We now need to keep up to date with the latest scuba diving, Covid-19, and travel restrictions.

Below you can find resources for everything from boat diving during a pandemic to eco-travel while in the age of Covid. As well, listed are health and government Covid-19 information pages. Policies change regularly, so make sure you take a read now, and then a re-read before you book your next trip. Until then, stay safe my friends. Happy lockdown, and one day soon – happy travels!

Scuba Diving During Covid-19

Covid and Your Health

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Scuba Diving Status Map

Click the map! Browse the world by diving destination and see what’s open.

Government COVID-19 Travel Information Pages

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