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The world is full of amazing places above and below the ocean’s surface – and you don’t need to leave home to enjoy them! This Armchair Adventurer series highlights virtual experiences around planet earth. These immersive 360º tours offer viewers the opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of their favorite armchair.

Today we visit some of the most amazing places in the ocean. Yes, there are virtual tours under the sea! From color coral reefs and diving with great white sharks to spotting giant pacific octopus, you’ll feel like a mermaid. I hope you enjoy this Armchair Adventurer: Undersea post!

Ready? Let’s dive in!

7 Best Virtual Ocean Adventures:

Discover the Great Barrier Reef with David Attenburough

Great Barrier Reef,  Armchair Adventurer Undersea

This interactive journey explores one of the most spectacular and complex ecosystems in the world today, the Great Barrier Reef. The is the largest coral reef system on the planet, it stretches for over 2300 km and is composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands. Join David Attenborough on this incredible coral reef adventure.

Explore the Thistlegrom Shipwreck, Red Sea


Have you ever dreamed about treasure hunting? In this 360º underwater video, you’ll feel like a true ocean explorer discovering the S.S. Thistlegrom wreck. Click around or let the diver guide you to see all the main features including the cargo of railway carriages on the forward deck, the broken field of debris where the explosion took place, and finally, the guns mounted onto the stern section. You can also explore by static video here.

Swim in Kelp Forests, California

Kelp Forrest

This virtual tour brings seaweed forests to life! Explore the Channel Islands of Southern California in this mesmerizing 360˚ video. Dive through the famous Anacapa’s kelp jungle, one of the five islands in the Channel Islands National Park where you can find nearly 1000 marine species and a rich sea of giant amber-colored kelp.

Cage Dive with Great White Sharks, Mexico

Great White Sharks, Armchair Adventurer Undersea

Get up close and personal with Great White Sharks – but be safe at home! It’s the best of both worlds. In this incredible 360º (8K) video you can experience what a real-life cage dive is like with these majestic and often misunderstood creatures. This virtual adventure took place near Guadalupe Island located off Mexico’s Lower California Peninsula, one of the few places in the world where you can experience scuba diving with Great White Sharks.

Swim with Jellyfish, Raja Ampat

Jellyfish Lake, Armchair Adventurer Undersea

In a secret bay in Raja Ampat, you can scuba dive in a lake filled with thousands of jellyfish! The locals and government have kept its location hidden so that it doesn’t become over-visited which is harmful to the jellyfish. But, in this virtual experience, you can discover its secrets! Don’t forget that this is a 360º video – so you can change the angle of view.

Explore Browning Wall, British Columbia

Browning Pass, Armchair Adventurer Undersea

Canada’s emerald seas are home to some surprisingly large and fascinating creatures. Explore under the surface in the Pacific Northwest and keep a lookout in this virtual adventure for wolf eels, giant Pacific octopus, and curtains of plumose anemones. This ocean forest was filmed in 3D and 360º so you can click around and zoom during the dive. Ready? Turn up the volume, take a deep breath, and let’s go find that octopus!

Dive with a Manta Ray in Indonesia

Manta Diving, undersea virtual tour

Watch this graceful creature cruise by divers. In this incredible 8K underwater 360º video, viewers are able to experience a magical moment with a reef manta ray. These gentle giants are one of the largest fish in the world, with oceanic mantas reaching widths of up to 29 feet (8.8 m). Join the virtual dive, and don’t forget to look around!

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