8 Best Things to Do in the North Eastern Caribbean

Old Road Bay, St Kitts Caribbean | Rachel Huber

What to do in St Kitts and Saba.

The North Eastern Caribbean islands of St. Kitts and Saba really do have it all. Volcanic and abundant, they are brimming with reefs, rainforests, and authentic Caribbean culture. There are oh-so-many exciting things to do and tailoring a holiday that captures a slice of everything can prove challenging. Thankfully, a week on the liveaboard Caribbean Explorer II includes up to 27 dives as well as sightseeing on two fascinating land tours. If you’re not planning to see-it-all by liveaboard be sure to visit these top 8 highlights. Make your trip to the North Eastern Caribbean unforgettable!

Brimstone Hill Fortress, St Kitts. Credit Rachel Huber
Brimstone Hill Fortress, St Kitts.

St. Kitts, British West Indies

1. Snap a Panorama at Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Majestic on a mountaintop, this UNESCO world heritage site dates back to the 1690s. The centuries-old citadel is significant, recognized for its architectural ingenuity. Engineers designed this stronghold to be formidable, stone carved in volcanic rock using a style of fortification called polygonal. The fortress, complete with cannons, looms over St. Kitts with an unmatched panoramic view of lush forest and ocean vistas. If self-touring, grab an audio guide and map.

2. Watch a ‘Caribelle Batik’ Demonstration at Romney Manor

Distinguished Romney Manor offers a taste of Caribbean heritage. Photograph these beautifully landscaped gardens, prehistoric-era tropical plants, and wonder at the 300-year-old Saman tree. Be sure to observe an expert demonstration of Caribelle Baitk, the Caribbean’s most sought after textile. This hand-dyed wearable artwork is an ancient craft, where no two pieces are like. The Caribelle Batik fabrics and accessories are available in their gift shop, colorful souvenirs to show off at home.

3. Stroll through History at a Sugar Plantation

St. Kitts was formerly the gateway to the Caribbean for English settlers. One of the oldest and wealthiest colonies, it’s recognized for the once-lucrative sugar plantations and tumultuous history of slavery. 68 sugar plantations existed in the island’s peak production era, now crumbled to ruins. Learn about this fascinating time by visiting a plantation or taking the ‘sugar train’ with the St. Kitts Railway.

4. Night Dive the Wreck of the River Taw

Anyone who has vacationed in St. Kitts will fondly reflect on diving the MV River Taw. In a quiet bay near the town of Basseterre, you’ll find this 144 ft long and 70 ft wide wreck. Sunk in 1981, the wreck has endured many hurricanes which have broken it in two. Locals have added a bulldozer and a car making the site exciting to dive more than once. Encrusted in corals and surrounded by sand, the River Taw acts as a beacon attracting all life from the bay. Especially at night when the wreck comes alive with flamboyant decorator crabs, curious octopi, and turtles preparing for slumber.

Overlooking the town of The Bottoms, Saba

Saba, Netherlands Antilles

5. Sightsee Saba’s Capital ‘The Bottom’

Saba is dubbed the unspoiled Queen. A lush dormant volcano, the island stretches five-square-miles of steep and inaccessible shoreline. A single road leaves the port skyward to The Bottom or De Botte, Saba’s stunning capital.  This quaint laid-back township is Dutch-influenced with red-roofed buildings commanding magazine-worthy photographs. Nature lovers looking for a rainforest immersion can hike the short trail from here to Mt. Scenery.

6. Discover Swim-Throughs at Tent Reef

Submerged canyons and a coral garden await divers at Tent Reef. This popular site should be named the ‘aquarium’ for its variety of life. Explore several routes within the shallow reef, deep boulders, sand patches, and swim-throughs. Hunt for sea horses, spotted drums, sharp-tail eels, garden eels, turtles, groupers, nudibranchs, and blennies of all sorts. Don’t forget the camera!

7. Taste the Famous Saba Spice

Saba Spice is a generations-old secret recipe. Made entirely on the island of Saba, it is a uniquely sweet liquor brewed with a concoction of cask rum and local spices. It is delicious, decadent, and offered in a variety of flavors. Get a taste at The Saba Artisan Foundation in the town of The Bottom.

8. Circumnavigate Diamond Rock

Famous in scuba diving magazines, Diamond Rock is one of Saba’s best dive sites. This small jagged peak rises out of the sea, rich in marine life. Touching bottom at 80’ft, its steep walls are covered in technicolor corals and juvenile fish. Sometimes-challenging due to currents, this pinnacle is best circumnavigated in one leisurely round.

Panoramic of the Island of Saba, on liveaboard Caribbean Explorer II.
Panoramic of the Island of Saba, on liveaboard Caribbean Explorer II.

Visit All 8 on Liveaboard Caribbean Explorer II

Offering a dynamic itinerary, Explorer Venture Fleet’s Caribbean Explorer II is the only liveaboard to cruise the waters of Saba and St. Kitts. The 7-day/8-night trip includes up to 27 dives, accommodation, meals, and a land tour on both islands for a competitive price. This is your chance to see all the best sights in the North Eastern Caribbean – above and below!

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