Scuba Diving

Rachel Huber Scuba Diving Galapagos

Who better to work with you than a scuba professional and sea enthusiast?

I took my first plunge at sixteen in a very cold Canadian river at the bottom of a small waterfall chute. We were recovering contents from a flipped over raft caught in the swirling eddies. Well, to be honest… I was ‘rescuing’ a case of beer. True story!

My unorthodox introduction to scuba was far from normal but it did jump start my diving obsession – discovering all the weird places you can dive and the even weirder things you can find! For the following 17 years, I continued stealing as many minutes underwater as possible, all around the globe.


Rachel Huber Scuba Diving Tobermory Ontario

Today, I have 2000+ dives (mostly on liveaboards) and an extensive list of qualifications. Along the way I also became a digital marketing professional, recognizing the lack of support within the dive industry.  Naturally, I decided to combine my two passions and provide consulting and content services that allow scuba businesses to work smarter, not harder. Who better team up with than a lifelong diving enthusiast!

Here’s a brief summary of my dive history.

2000 PADI Open Water Diver – Kelowna, BC
2003 PADI Advanced Open Water Diver – Votua Village, Fiji
2007 PADI Rescue Diver – Kelowna, BC
2008 PADI Divemaster – Grand Cayman
2008 PADI Specialty Instructor & Nitrox – Kelowna, BC
2008 Hyperbaric Chamber Technician Training – Kelowna, BC
2009 Dive Instructor on Liveaboard – Bahamas
2010 Dive Instructor and Purser on Liveaboard – Saba & St Kitts, Caribbean
2014 Freelance Dive Instructor – St Maarten, NE Antillies
2014 Dive Instructor on Liveaboard –  British Virgin Islands
2016 Dive & Snorkel Guide at Sea Dragon Charters – Vancouver, BC
2017 Professional Sailor – Vancouver, BC
2017 Volunteer Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue – Squamish, BC

And some other unique places I’ve been diving.

Galapagos Islands
Kona, Hawaii
Ushuaia, Patagonia
Komodo, Indonesia
Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia
Cozumel, Mexico
Tulum, Mexico
Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica
Corsica, France
Vancouver Island, Canada
Tobermory, Canada
Howe Sound, Canada

Want to know more? I’m always ecstatic to chat about anything diving! Email me here.