Rachel Huber Patagonia

Who doesn’t love praise!

My wonderful clients are the reason I’m in business. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about me.

I love what I do and I’ll do everything I can to make sure you’re a satisfied customer, too!

Here are some client reviews:

“[Rachel] helped to transform our company from a weekend dive charter business to a full time business. Rachel’s contribution to this transformation was her marketing savvy…Rachel can work well without supervision, and is very trustworthy. She is an independent and creative thinker, who is always coming up with unique ideas. She is not afraid to push matters for the good of the company – quite tenacious, and thick-skinned where needed. She is a self-starter and a multi-tasker. Rachel sees what needs to be done and takes the initiative to do it without having to be asked.” – Jan Breckman, Owner of Sea Dragon Charters

“I found Rachel very enjoyable to work with as she is hard-working, a fast learner, has excellent project management skills and can always be counted on. Rachel is very personable and has good communication skills, both written and verbal. It is clear that she puts thought into the way she expresses herself and always makes sure her communication is positive, clear and respectful. With her marketing & sales experience, excellent work ethic, and solid team presence, I think she would be a great fit with any professional organization.” – Tyler Freed, past owner of Coast Range Heliskiing

“I have known Rachel for many years and in regards to my business I have found her to be honest and forthright in her constructive suggestions; passionate about her client’s success; knowledgeable of the necessary steps to achieve that success; and genuinely patient of others’ lack of social media savvy. She’s a great motivator!” – Sue Kavelman, Clayburn Comforts Soap

“She demonstrated a keen ability to remain focused, personable, and attentive while under stress and high demand. Rachel was resourceful, exhibited excellent written and communication skills, demonstrated a willingness to work as a member of a team and represented her community professionally at all times.” – Michael Tilitzky, Tofino-Long Beach Chamber of Commerce

“Rachel is extremely intelligent and is able to contribute maturity, perspective, judgement, and leadership skills to projects. She consistently produces work at a high standard, is dedicated and shows a lot of professionalism and passion to her chosen career path.” – Nicole Vaugeois, VIU

“[Rachel] is a self-starter, has terrific work ethic and a very positive attitude. Her greatest strength as an employee is her character and dedication.” Captain Mark Bacchus Freedman

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