Along with writing on this blog, I am a freelance scuba and content writer. You can see my work displayed in the following publications. If you enjoy reading my blog posts, you may also enjoy these stories! I’ve also included some academic writing from my previous life as a sustainable tourism development consultant.


Scuba Diver Life

Being an Environmentally Conscious Diver in the age of Covid
Support Ocean Conservation by Diving
Eight Eco-Tips for Your Next Scuba Diving Trip
Choose an Eco-Friendly Operator for Your Next Dive
Explorer Ventures Fleet First Liveaboard to Receive Green Fins Membership

Scuba Diving Magazine

5 Reasons Divers Love Liveaboard Tiburon Explorer
Six Ways to Save Money for Scuba Travel
How to Find the Best Dive Deals Online
Two Caribbean Islands you can Liveaboard Dive Right Now.
Scuba Diving Saba, the Caribbean Island You’ve Never Heard of.
Come Home to the Caribbean.

Green Fins Initiative

In the spotlight: Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Fleet

Explorer Ventures Liveaboard Diving Fleet

Six Best Dive Sites in the Turks & Caicos Islands
A Practical Guide to Indonesia’s Diving Seasons
Red Sea Liveaboard Diving: All You Need to Know
Our Top 8 Experiences for 2020
Raja Ampat: It Lives Up to the Hype
Essential Guide to Liveaboard Diving in the Turks & Caicos Islands.
Secrets of St Maarten: What Crew Do on Days Off
5 Impressive Liveaboard Holidays Perfect for your Next Holiday

Tourism Squamish

It’s Time to Discover Squamish’s Ocean Playground

Koshas Alternative Medicine

Healing My Migraine Through The Use Of Chiropractic
Emotional and Mental Healing Through Reiki Therapy

In Print

The Province, Vancouver – It’s Time to Discover Squamish’s Ocean Playground


Cassie the Hag – Global Galentines Getaways

Academic & Technical Projects

Tourism Research Innovation Project: Case Study (2007)
The Evolution of Chemainus, British Columbia: The Importance of Community-Driven Planning in Tourism Development.

Tourism Research Innovation Project (Researcher, contributor, writer)
Transforming Communities Through Tourism