What’s In My Camera Bag

I’ve been working as a dive guide for over a decade and a blogger for nearly 5, but am a very beginner underwater photographer. I’ve shot with DSL on trips for years – and finally, after over a literal gazillion dives, I’ve taken the leap to purchase my first underwater camera setup (Jan 2021)!

This camera gear list will grow as my knowledge and budget grow. Take a peek below to see what’s in my camera bag right now, or click here to read what I learned from purchasing my first camera.

Keep in mind I don’t travel with all of this gear all the time, I have a couple of different options depending on what I’m going to see, where I’m going, and how much space I have in my baggage. I like traveling light!

Here’s what’s in my camera bag:

Next on my underwater camera wish list – A larger camera bag for flights and a strobe to capture the smaller critters!

(Updated January 2021)

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