Wetsuits for every woman’s body. Truli!

Truli Wetsuits for women in Canada, Worn by Rachel Huber

A wetsuit that’s flattering, warm, AND fits in all the right places??

It’s true! Truli Wetsuit’s (Canadian) CEO Mia Toose has designed wetsuits for everyBODY. 21 sizes including small, plus, and long torsos. And, amazingly there are two more sizes on their way. Truli Wetsuits are actually made for women’s bodies. They’re flattering and offer full protection and warmth. It’s not just another suit with pink ribbons added and called ‘made for women.’

I just love them, and you will too! Read the million more reasons why below.

Truli Wetsuits is a women’s wetsuit and lifestyle brand that offers a fresh image to the scuba diving and water sport industries.  They recognize that women who feel good in their gear and apparel perform better, possess confidence, and feel empowered to pursue their sports and adventure goals. Wetsuits for bold, charming, and adventurous water women.  Wetsuits for everyBODY.

Truli Wetsuits Mission Statement

If you’re new to my site, you may have not heard me rant about how truly incredible these wetsuits are. As a curvy woman and a liveaboard scuba professional, I’ve worn through A LOT of wetsuits. I’m hard on my zippers and especially hard on the neoprene when tugging the suit up over my strong hips and thighs. None have been as comfortable and flattering as the Truli-Mi (3.5mm sleeveless shorty) and Truli-Ful (5.5mm full coverage).

Scuba Diving Tobermory
Mia from @TruliWetsuits and myself, wearing the Truli-Ful. Layered with the Truli-Hapi underneath while diving in the cold Canadian waters of Tobermory. Read my dive report on Tobermory here.

Created with super-stretchy eco-friendly limestone neoprene, special consideration has been made in the design for donning and doffing. It goes on beautifully over all body shapes and sizes (leaving the right amount of space in the hips). I even layered two suits for three dives in cold Canadian waters and had no trouble getting it on and off! Plus, it was nice and cozy!

Truli Wetsuits have paid special attention to all the finer details which makes this company’s suits my top choice. Aside from the amazing polka-dot confetti, because that’s just plain awesome. There’s zero-velcro to stop hair snagging, hidden zippers, and a fleece-lined core to keep your body warm. These signature designs are award winners. But you don’t have to take my word for it – Scuba Lab by Scuba Diving Magazine presented Truli Wetsuits with the Testers Choice Award in 2019!

Read the review or watch it here:

Now is the time to grab one for yourself. Between November 6 – 30th, 2020 you can Pre-Order any Truli Wetsuit in all 23 sizes through the Truli Wetsuits Crowdfunding Campaign. They are steeply discounted, you just have to wait a little longer than usual.

Truli Wetsuits chooses to do things differently than other companies. They are size-inclusive, environmentally, and socially committed and put a priority on OPTIONS and AVAILABILITY for sizing.

By joining the Crowdfunding pre-order you’ll help ensure that all sizes, options, and styles are available for all the unique mermaids, just like you!

Visit Truli-Wetsuits website here >>

*All views addressed on this blog post are my own and are not endorsed or paid for by Truli Wetsuits. I just really love her suits and business ethic!

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