Diving Tobermory, Canada

Wreck of the Arabia. Photo from Divers Den Tobermory

“The Diving Captial of Canada” Tobermory has been on my bucket list since I first started diving. You hear whispers of its impressive wrecks as a West Coast diver, but actually getting there requires effort so we soon forget. I have to say, its well worth the trip. The Fathom Five National Park offers some of the best cold-water diving in the world, seriously guys. We sometimes get busy planning bucket list adventures abroad and overlook the amazing places we have right at home. This is one of them and it should be on your dive to-do list. Simply stunning diving and a happening little town for your surface intervals. I highly recommend a trip to this unique section of Ontario to experience its wrecks, walls, and great local beer!

Where: Tobermory, Ontario, Canada
Visited: August 2020

Rating: 4 out of 5 sea stars

Famous For:

Amazing visibility and a surplus of shipwrecks, more than you can dive in a week! The Fathom Five National Park protects 20 historical shipwrecks all sitting in crystal clear freshwater providing endless diving opportunities.

Dive Shop:

Divers Den Tobermory Canada
Dive Shop Divers Den

Diver’s Den, Tobermory

Divers Den was an efficient shop offering diving and snorkeling in the Fathom Five National Park. I was very surprised how busy they were. On the day I dove, they sent out over 40 guests onto 3 boats! They had excellent briefings and professional staff.

Dive Sites Explored:

Forrest City Steamer
Type: Wreck, boat dive
Depth: 60 to 150 ft
This unforgettable wreck is a 216 ft steamer that ran aground and sank in 1904. The bow lays in 60ft of water pointed at the island, while the stern sits at 150ft. As you descend down the mooring line, this ship appears from the deep. Its a short and deep dive, but well worth the boat ride.

Arabia Barque
Type: Wreck, boat dive
Depth: Max 120 ft
A stunning wreck, this barque saw it’s demise in 1884. As the story goes, full of dried goods it sprung a leak. Unable to get to the nearest shore on Echo Island it floundered breaking apart as the dried good expanded with water. Its bow section is mystifying with bowsprit, windlass, and three anchors intact. 

Big Tub Lighthouse Point
Type: Wall, shore dive
Depth: Max 75ft
A short walk from the parking lot, this is an easy site to access and dive. The small wall is beginner-friendly with lots of crayfish to spot. We dove this site at 5 pm when it was particularly special. The setting sun beamed light through the clear water, giving us an almost tropical experience.

Scuba Diving Tobermory
Girls That Scuba: Rachel and Mia @TruliWetsuits

Around the Town:

This little town is a gem! Located on the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory is surrounded by a lake. There is lots to do when you’re not diving (or for your non-diving friends). Hiking, biking, paddling, and exploring two National Parks. You can also shop, or eat, till you drop with many unique boutiques and restaurants. Learn more here.

Tobermory Notes:

Mermaids, the Truli Wetsuit headquarters are located in Tobermory, Ontario. If you’ve never heard of these award-winning women’s wetsuits, check her out here. They will keep you nice and cozy on cold Canadian dives (or tropical adventures), plus highlight those amazing curves. She has a display at the Divers Den shop and is also a great dive buddy.

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